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Traveling :Sunny ,beach, Delicious food


June is a nice month for travelling because it always with blue sky, white clouds, making a peak of traveling. The good news is that all stuffs in our company would have a trip for 3-5days, and different departments have different trips.

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For us overseas Dept., we traveled to a city next to ours called Huizhou .

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In the first day we visited two scenic spots, one is the West Lake in Huizhou , it is famous for its lakes and mountains, mainly including five lakes, six bridges, eight sight spots in all. Walking around the lakes, smelling the fresh air, seeing the beautiful lotus, it made us so relaxed and pleased.

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The other spot is called Hallstatt Town, a peaceful and natural CBD. There are many buildings with Western style; malls, music plaza, and church included. Many couples took welding photos there, sweet on their face.

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It was already in the early evening when we arrived at our final destination of Xunliao Gulf, where we had a BBQ on the beach.

There was a CS game on the next morning. We played three rounds. So excited we were and finally we were all exhausted. After having fun on the beach in the afternoon, we watched a heart stopping fantastic show—stunt driving, in the evening.

In the third day, the wonderful trip end up with we went to the litchi orchard and picked the litchis .


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