the legibilities of mood work.

by:Yilida      2020-05-30
The mood is the contact zone where the feeling and the world are strange and rich.
A directed reminder of what has been initiated, at historical moments or circumstances, of what is practical and potentially an ordinary Labor record. (1)
Emotional work organizes fantasy bodies, objects, techniques, feelings, and flying into partially coherent forms.
Its ease is early and obvious in practice, society, scenes, social circles, events and landscapes.
Here we see these easy-to-legi itself as an emergency or an emergency.
They press the world together, promise, embrace, and think.
Our ethnographic approach follows the easy bilities of emotional work in two case studies: the 1950-year-old United States and Germany in their early 20 s. first century.
These sites are the meeting points that make up the way the world exists.
Or, in other words, we take the ethnographic object of these case studies as experience/experiment (2)
In the self and society, it is tuned to the accidental sensesaesthetic-
Concrete material on hand. (3)
We see ourselves, experience, and society as a cycle, as a recycling movement.
Association and reorganization ,(4)
As the affected node, as the engine of normal startup.
Together with DerekMcCormack, we use the experience/experiment as an \"environment through\"which]
There may be new rain
Transformation thinking, p217)
Focus on the patterns that appear in daily life and their poetry.
We then approach our two cases with experimental openness to see what might happen and what might happen.
We have also carried out living experiments in ourselves, and these experiences are through their inner emotions, attracting their energy to open up to the world --
Material is rooted in the world.
In the 19 th century 50 s America, the mood of a good life works by texture, tone and sensory design of the labor of ordinary life, and by promulgating it in the tiny life system, it is integrated into the energy and trajectory of life.
When contemporary Germans negotiate a transition to accessible energy and environmental governance, people\'s daily lives incorporate new materials into the mundane infrastructure in which the hope lies in good
Locked up at home and in a wellkept life.
Every case of emotional work is a special emotion --
Material loop for twisted, cross-reaction
The cutting power of modernity, technological science commitment and preconceived. (5)
Everyone has the energy to surge, precipitate or deflate, motivate or suppress.
Each person establishes a trajectory through the landscape of life, even if it exists as a diffusion in the realm of various disproportional objects and bodies (
Human body, body of thought, body of rhetoric).
For us, emotional work is a way to think about how the community brings itself together, not through the order of identity categories or representation, but through a common direction to be more direct and broader
Whether subjective or objective, emotional work has not replaced the big (important)and small (off-
Invisible, daily registration)
When it hits mark in a medium range (6)
Force, borrow color (7)
Or in social and material form.
It is not only an event, but also an endurance, which is distributed in the fields of subject, object, direction, organization, etc. , the boundaries of power or ideology and the core of the system, and a key point of emotional feeling, rooted in the main body, become a small and strange common line in life.
We also treat emotional work as a concern and attachment to its prosperity and maintenance.
Emotional work is formed in the form of similar or common use
Identifying between agents in a shared scene, a feeling of what is happening, and an attachment, no matter how early, can perceive what things are.
The world has been divided all the time, and there are some things at the same time (always)
Come, come together.
In a moment of constant exposure, the process of this perception creates a sense of resonance, which positions its components in a real world, through which the constantly changing
Emotional work creates inner and common moments
The sense of attention is folded inward and outward around ongoing and urgent attention and attachment objects.
Therefore, the emotional work recalls Karen Ballard\'s concept of installation;
They are \"world-specific material reconfigurations, not just in time, but as part of the ongoing power-to-power reconfiguring the spatial time model \".
Inner and superior performance (9)
Moodwork has its own scope of influence.
The power/stress played by a type of emotional work is a resource for future forms and stress iterations.
Close ethnographic tracking of mood works-
Their movement, energy and form-
It is a way to conceptualize the composition and existence of the social world.
National ambition to work in tomood
Position, highlighting \"no consequences \"(10)
A scene may be seen as a form of exposure, a realistic effect that people position themselves in reality.
Between the rhythm, tone and conceptual restraint recorded in life, emotional work opens the cycle and fold of history or society.
The emotional work we write here is the object of analysis of dispersion and affectation, challenging us to find appropriate ways to approach them and score in their own restraint ,(11)
Or outline them on the horizon or in a large piece of debris.
We use the metaphor of easy palpable as a means to approach their opaque, scattered, perceptible qualities.
In typesetting, easy printing refers to the possibility of a font to be identified or identified as a type, while easy ability refers to the quality of visual comfort, that is, the convenience of reading.
Mood work is not easy to read but can be perceived and tracked.
The content they influence can be found in their day-to-day scenes of reinforcement or diffusion, and in their accidental side steps, blockages, quick jumps, or unintended consequences, they establish enclosure or
Describing their efforts requires coordination with the surrounding environment and atmosphere, with what is thrown together in the works of life, pieced together by words, emotions, matter and tones, and what is separate. (12)
Our participation in emotional work, in addition to the naming of emotions, will also focus on the vitality of mattermore.
In doing so, we create openings in tophenomena and their emerging potential, rather than looking to incorporate different and amorphous materials into the expectations of the specification.
As ethnographers, we are also doing emotional work. When we observe or tell other people\'s emotional work, we will position ourselves in reality, and through close contact to form our slow appreciation of the form that takes place in the scene we describe and evoke.
Writing to approach the material
The semi-osis of this emotion is an effort to describe what is in, in, or around the form.
A good life lives in the composition of mood work, in harmony with the energy of a World\'s startup mode, responsibility, buoyancy, betrayal, sliding and failure.
People float on the river of strength, or shake under weight.
They show the secrets of participation, transmission and failure, and Common
Recognition and stimulation of others. (13)
My partner Ronn and I were both born in 1953, and both parents were on the same path of flowering results for a better life in America.
They are all white, straight, and among a major ethnic group in their region, become middle class, cultural Christian, on the East Coast (
He\'s in the South, I\'m in New England).
Their memories, stories, and their departure
Behind the traces of material and practice, a good life is an emotional work that exists in daily life.
Here, I speculate to draw the lines of a good life, not as a manifestation of over-determination, but as a nerve of the body that changes the nature of the subject and the object for a period of time.
I approach it through the literal problem of its emotional work ---
Semiology of materials (14)
In the story told to the children, the appearance and touch of the body, the building environment, the trajectory of the initial long-term plan, or revenge, a circular sensory aesthetics, the form of pain and happiness.
I have a unique insight into a child\'s perspective on what seems to be happening.
Details are available here and there.
Not focusing is also a kind of attention, although it didn\'t look like that at the time.
I know something from this point.
I know our parents and their friends are suffering from childhood torture like hunger and drunken anger and abuse, emotional fragility and dysfunction, abandonment, tragic death, and people remember that it meant stupid
The spirit of some grandmothers, some great aunts and step-mothers.
I know their character is strong and their project is tough.
They were shocked by these terrible things, not because they were shocked by these terrible things, but because it was a devastating return.
I know there\'s anxiety, depression, anger.
They may explode and they know how to release steam.
When my mother was talking on the phone, she was wearing a cool pedal pusher in California and made a beautiful bomb woman on paper scraps.
They never stopped using garbage bags to arrange the bins instead of buying the right actual ones.
And the moment they walked out of bed in the morning, they carefully made the bed.
With age, this emotional habit is still like a shell in their body and direction.
They hold on to them, just like small balls carved out of obvious preconceived or worse choices.
I know our parents are grown up. ThatClyde (
I know he\'s pop.
Helen worked at theWoolworths in Winston-Salem at the age of 18.
She\'s on the candy counter and he\'s sourcing).
Helen supports her parents and is not known for their generous spirit.
The pop singer lives at the YMCA.
He lost his mother when he was a child and was raised by a grandmother to take care of her until she died.
Then he lived with his father.
The mother and their children died when he was sixteen.
Then an uncle sent him to a College School and said goodbye.
Before he joined the Second World War, his father married Helen Young and gave birth to a child.
Before he was recalled to South Korea, they built a small house in the country with salvaged materials.
I know my mom Claire is from a serious, capable, storytelling, fun long team
Love women, men who love drinking.
Her mother Bea worked at the mill from an early age.
Bea slept on a board under her bed to protect herself from her husband, made clothes for all her children, helped them slip out and dance and feed their families from the garden, clean the house for extra money.
She would say, don\'t tell anyone we only had potato soup.
When she was ten years old, my mother was driving a farm car.
With her abasketball scholarship, she went to a small Catholic Women\'s College in Vermont, working in a chemistry lab in Boston and teaching at a boarding school in Berkeley.
She and her sisters have lived all their lives in fear of work. horses.
They have secrets.
They are crowded in a world they create in town, always walking far away from each other.
I know my father, Frank, hates his mother, who works in these diseases and has never spoken to her in the forty years since his father died of eurism.
I have never seen her like a grandmother.
My grandfather worked as a milkman at the dairy farm in Glenny with all his brothers.
He will stop for tea with my mother.
Sometimes they get off work early and play cards with the milk money they collect.
I know that my father received his associate degree in agriculture at the GI Act.
He dreamed of farming all his life.
He became a milk inspector in Vermont, from one farm to another, holding a leather sandbag filled with litmus test paper and small glass bottles in his hand, as the dairy industry changes and crashes, he stuck to the contours of the dairy industry and left his bottled sales behind.
The story of our parents\' lives (
It\'s our own.
Is a description of society. material-
A technical Whirlpool full of matter, feeling and pure detail.
The re-rain of the public cycle for life, carrying out a series of experiments in motion, etching forces on objects, simultaneously blocking events and forcing them into the field of view, and erupting in extreme trajectories, such as racist violence around schools in their 1960 s.
The forms of these live broadcasts include the buffering of life and houses with gadgets, the charm of pop culture, the change, the sense of accumulation and complexity from farm and farming businesses to shopping malls and big box shops.
A good life is almost considered an excessive decision. and under-described)
Long-term impact
Military-related economic prosperity
Industrial Complex, architecture-
Infrastructure, class mobility, hard connections to racial exclusion, social services, houses of dreams, marketing, suburban development and national pop culture that have become a torrent of entertainment, distinction, stimulation, business and absorption.
Spread out in the vast field of form and force a good life to become illegible, just like a sense of learning associated with the whole world. (15)
Politics is strong and close, and has a shared experience with the transformative world events and sitcoms that take place on the three networks.
The world has become something worth seeing.
Life has become a must-have thing.
Between a private life that is suddenly detailed and feels like it and a world in which you teach your child to know and travel, a hinge has been opened.
The loop of the object, the aesthetic of the senses, and the Middle
The collective labor of education, travel and service provides a life path for what is happening in the world.
A good life is a meticulous design of a new private and everyday life, related to a big world.
This relationship is actually initiated and supported in consumption, care, defense and maintenance systems.
It does happen in the emotional work of vigilance, task
The pleasure of completing, registering for anesthesia, and participating in something.
Ronn and I came by at the sunrise of my parents\' happy life.
What we have in common is our parents.
Glass ashtray with rolled sides, light pants
The gadgets sitting on the living room mirror shelf they never used, and our own transistor radio, the lyrics we remember with our siblings and high school bands (
Summer in the city, wild stuff, L\'il Little Red Riding Hood, Paintit Black, the leader of this pack, the poor side of town when a man falls in love with a woman).
We all attended the New York World Expo in 1964.
Belgianwaffles, dinosaur exhibition, machine of the future)
World Expo 1967. (
Maybe we stayed in the same hotel, the pool was in the basement and the walls were painted down from top to bottomthe-
By the standards of today\'s building environment, the sea murals look quite amateur and semi-hearted.
Maybe we were swimming at the same time, Cannon-
Even rolling balls with each other).
The special details I can recite are not just personality, but the lines of self
World Composition(16)
A good life is a life full of vitality and vitality.
Its clarity is not merely a statement, but a practical, secular form of attention, neglect, joy, care, judgment, fear, responsibility, or abandonment.
The private sphere of life hangs together like a cluster of bubbles.
Gifts distributed for life.
Happy scene drifting.
Life scaffolding is pieced together, recognized by others, and imitated in daily creation and start-up, maintenance and repair, and occasional redesignstart.
People begin to align themselves with it, not because they can see its outline on the horizon, but because they are directly affected by its force line.
Our parents said they just did what people did at the time, they never thought about it, they had a good time.
When they can afford it, they drink and smoke a red meat.
They get together with their friends and later come and travel or play golf with them.
I remember stories, jokes, laughter and violent clashes between brothers at night (
At the end of life).
It\'s like the dream of levanhard was kicked.
Start under the ordinary sign.
It\'s as if the responsibility of the dog they identify as the way they work is gathered from the excesses of collective expectations.
They listen to the evening news every night.
The emotional work that has already started is tempered, colored, madetonal, and is not completely included in the shell of the couple, family, sex, Dream House, card party, race, expansion after 80, self
Help, worship of family life, self-adjusting gender
Importance, exercise, science of nutrition, food and clothing of European style, attraction of various communities, novelty, daydream, taste contest of plastic, electronic products and class like music and dance, with a series of things.
Good Life is a chorus on the airwaves, scenes on the screen and magazines, a striker
Thinking gestures.
It washes people in the form of life and hovers --
The mood is long, but it is broken.
In our family, things are regular, structured, established by judgment, and consistent with others.
A phone call at dinner got the same response \"sorry \".
We are having dinner.
I asked her/him to call you back?
There is pasta.
Laundry day available.
There is dust Day.
On the day of the shopping day, our mother lined up for us and took us to the supermarket.
Winter clothes are stored in cedar boxes.
Good winter clothes and dresses are stored in dry cleaners.
The family dinner was stressful, trying to get meat, potatoes, a green and a yellow vegetable to cook and put on the table at the same time.
There is spring for a week.
Cleaning every year
Family vacations on the beach or on the small lake, boating, digging clams, women on the recliner, and the intimacy of the bathing suit.
Dream Home promises all the details of habits and mood.
In 1952, when they got married 11 years later, pop and Helen built their house and spent 10-year-old son.
It has seven closets.
They turned the foyer at the back door into a pantry.
At the end, they added an unplaced closet that they called the root cellar.
Later, they transformed the breezewayand garage into a study and office where their manufacturers represented their business.
There are curtains on all the windows, and there are some white curtains that have been pulled to the glass all the time to soften the view.
The character, consideration and detail of caring for people and things are wishes.
Pop works 80.
One hour a week, most of the time on theroad.
A unscrupulous business partner took advantage of him very early.
Pop insisted on the contract he signed, and for decades he paid nearly half of his income to the guy.
He took Ronn on a business trip to Boston or Washington. C.
Visit the museum and the free trail.
When his son was in his teens, he installed a pool table in the basement to get them close to home with their friends.
Dad and he made them polite: call all the adults, Sir and Madam, and the answer is, sir, yes, Mom, always open the door of a woman and tell your lover that you are everyday
The books were kept by Helen.
She knew that all the bills and receipts were in a metal filing cabinet in a long wall in the office.
She is very tough, smart and generous with afault, giving money, time, consultation, Labor (twelve-
Make candles, chicken pies, barbecues one hour a day).
In order to cool the car in the summer, she will open all the windows and sunroof for a minute and then turn on the air conditioner.
If she were a professional packers, Helen would be the Queen of the industry;
She can take out a small suitcase with a week of clothes and reading, and her own carefully counted shaving, patching, shoe covers --
Light smoking. When Ronn (the baby)
She went to college, bought Jimmy Hendricks, and recorded Zeppelin records in the used record store so she could play it at home.
When Helen died 61 years after her marriage, Pop\'s house had become an infrastructure for material and practice, standing upright like a model. The same can-
40 years of bottle opener on the kitchen wall, a bottle
The bottle opener in the pantry you clip the bottle together and then pull the lever over with a smooth action that will screw the bottle stopper down and pull out the bottle stopper.
The core tool of tomatoes, the core tool of strawberries.
A pot of poached eggs.
Every use must be made of silver soup bowl washed by hand.
Small bowl, occasionally replace oyster biscuits with soup at lunch.
He kept a list of food in stock in the refrigerator in the basement, revised once a month: barbecue sauce (1), barbecue (4)
, Marinarasauce (1)Chili beans (1)
Chicken Soup (5 quarts)
Chicken soup pint (8)
Yellow Pumpkin (2)
Green Pepper (1), mixedgreens (17)
Vegetable soup (2)
Chicken and vegetable soup (14),turnips (4)
Chicken noodle soup (9)Deer intestines (1), deer steak(2)
Chicken legs, long (10)
Chicken legs, short (8)
, Deer steak house (1), pork ribs (2)
Cold Western steak (1)
Sweet potato (22),biscuits (30), rolls (I box)
Chicken Soup (5), sugar cake (1)
Turkey and broth (3)
Pasta Sauce27).
A good life is a running machine, a movement of energy in the muscles and mind.
It has its own life.
In the labor of life, it takes a sharp and firm form.
It creates a cycle that jumps from the physical world, and people strive to find themselves from the glare of life under its shadow, the easy legi.
Just as a very old man got up in the dark at six o\'clock A. M. in the afternoon, dressed, made the bed with a military corner, and walked two miles, in every house he passed, move the newspaper from the side of the road to the door and turn to the golf course.
He worked until the end.
That gives him reason to put his 2 feet on the floor every morning, he said.
He served as an usher in the church for 40 years, known for calling each member on their birthday.
He emailed people for decades.
Ordered by thousands of people
He always had one in his pocket.
In the past few months, one day, he thought he had lost the car he carried with him.
He blamed himself.
He\'s been looking for hours.
He said he had a drawer full of them, but he was so careless and stupid that it bothered him.
He found it the next day.
My mom has a project.
She sold the barn in Vermont and NewHampshire for $2 per piece to provide the house with protest items and renovated the driveway.
She made lights and lampshades for everyone she knew because she hated cold lighting.
She drew the scene on the box, basket, stool and dresser.
She knitted quilts for the children and grandchildren.
She hung her clothes in the yard and pulled it off the ice-covered line in the winter.
She wrote Christmas cards for old neighbors and friends with long letters and went to visit them as much as possible.
Sheraised American Catholic, leading the Girl Scout unit, modeling the charity, observing the loan, kneeling down every night to pray, depositing her entire check into the university fund, arranging us on Saturday\'s chores, or take us to camp and set up a tent in the rain.
When we were four teenagers, she got a season ski pass and got us up at six o\'clock A. M. every Saturday and Sunday to drive to Pat peak in New Hampshire.
Sometimes, when she goes downstairs, or stands in the corner of the bedroom upstairs, we catch her in a strange shaking posture.
We all looked at her.
My father loved her and her mother Bea made a Sunday dinner for both of them and when I went to visit as an adult she still wanted to cut meat for me.
He likes it best with the children.
He has beautiful hands.
I\'m his sympathetic ear.
In the photo, I did tilt in his direction.
List to him. He was anxious;
My mother saw him as a bad child.
She will exclude him from the track of her character.
He looked at her every move.
He made a gesture of failure.
He scraped the house over and repainted it all day.
He brought home strange things.
The salt bottle stolen from the restaurant, a large bag of non
Milk from his sales phone).
When he needed to lose weight, he began to eat cheese and tomatoes and didn\'t eat anything else until his body shrank.
He will take a pill at random (
Antibiotics, a steroid from my mother)
See if it makes him feel better.
Any gifts he gives to his children or grandchildren are very cheap and surprising.
He found a plastic pin at the drugstore.
He got a stuffed toy with a logo from the car wash.
The mood of a good life work is atmospheric and environmental, but it is also very personal and not easy to be abandoned or replaced.
This is something that allows people to circulate in their world.
What is engraved on the body of the individual, the body of desire, the body of society --material-
Technology design is the material foundation of life itself.
It focuses its attention on the subject of life and being magnetized to perceive what appears in objects, inner scenes, characters and landscapes, or what may appear.
It hangs them in a real, personal motion machine.
With an energy, it will jump, shrink, motivate or suppress on the body like the weight of the world.
This is the company and essence of life, the driving force of common life, and therefore the limited ease of the subject and the world . .
It abandoned people.
It has accumulated in the body and life of our parents so that people are attracted to them.
They have gained strength in friends, communities, big families, towns, churches.
They all have the habit and ease of doing things.
My father is the captain of the town football team.
Everyone\'s called himPunky.
He is very interesting at the party.
He talked to people on the street.
His blue eyes sparkled.
He cut trees with his neighbors and friends, and cut off dangerous cliffs.
My mother is not personally happy with people and what they say in their mouths.
People called her and stopped in the street to talk to her.
When she woke up, she sat in a corner surrounded by a group of people who wanted to talk to her.
She hosted the Christmas party of the big family.
When she bought a cottage in New Hampshire, the eyes of others turned in that direction.
When she moved to assisted life, the old ladies turned their eyes again.
Clyde did well in both sports and basketball.
Helen is a sharp man. It is a shortcoming.
Homeless women from the community have been calling for long periods of time to listen to their complaints.
She designed a world Hall in their church, raised money and made her own construction plan.
Over the next 50 years, she and popstart\'s adult Sunday school class became the core social club of a generation.
They are inspired by the concrete metaphor of the borrowed lifestyle, which is driven by an imported energy in the infrastructure around them.
Pop and Helen piled up some humble, inspiring plaques on the walls of their house: \"The opinions expressed by the husband in this institution are not necessarily the opinions of the management \";
\"It\'s not the mountain in front that makes you tired, it\'s a grain of sand in your shoe . \"
My mother placed Irish blessings on the kitchen walls and on the dresser, right above the drawer filled with jewels inherited and picked up as souvenirs, the Milkey white statue of the Virgin Mary.
Every night, when the light goes out, it is painted in a blue color for a few minutes.
An area of immediate impact of dispersion and diffusion has come together as a worrying area of life --
Constitutes emotion-
Material track.
For those who are consistent with it, its scenes, characters and objects are consistent with the ease of the emotional work.
It has sparked a verbal commitment to life that resonates with more advice.
The attention of environmental emotions to emotions opens the door to daily life --
Historical events that break down the narrative of \"yes\" or \"yes\" living in a particular location into a complex object and attachment that is formed through a repetitive process of daily life
Participating in these objects is not to abandon politics, but to consider the emotional basis of attachment and the possibility that secular attachment also constitutes participation in political values.
In the movement of ordinary life, the form is combined together, and the window angle of the atilt, cellar, cleaning product or bulb is described below in the form of a window.
These shapes are like tuning forks, magnets that attract attention and activity.
When things happen, their feelings form.
Next, emotional work opens up daily life in Germany\'s national energy shift from nuclear energy to renewable energy. This highly-
German politics opens up a space for a better life. This dream is supported by technical science, but it is not bound by the drawbacks of modernity and its consequences.
For the advocates of transition, zero
This is a means of plant restoration that cleans the toxic landscape in modern development.
Utopian hopes and aspirations depend on the image of the village, especially the image of a sustainable village.
With the spread of the grid, advocates of renewable energy want rural
Because their communities will produce their own energy, residents will increasingly be licensed in public life.
Until recently ,(17)
However, there is little discussion about the specificity of rural life and the intersection of these with renewable energy initiatives.
I have observed that Germans are experiencing energy shifts every day, and the act of creating life and creating life produces political power, even if they are not defined or expressed by politics.
In general, all aspects of the renewable energy transition are introduced into reality together with other objects and concepts that seem to have nothing to do with the technological political moment, however, the combination of these changes offers the possibility of political feelings in a common place.
My observations came from repeated visits over the past 13 years (
Including field visits from 2010 to the present for one year in a row)
Dube village is located in a village in the East Frisian area between the North Sea and the Ames River.
East Frisian, mainly in rural areas, is easily affected by the strong North Sea Breeze and is one of the earliest places to carry out wind turbine installation experiments.
In the 1990 s, the big municipality where Dobby was located was licensed to install a wind park on the south side of the village.
When I first got there, the wind was a big deal, it\'s been ten years, but after the new century, solar energy also happened.
When I returned to Dobby in 2010, three years later
Not for a year, every block is covered with a dim blue flash
Black photovoltaic.
Within a few months, the biogas processing plant began construction, and the cattle farm and the oil farm became experimental fields for biofuels corn, forming a culture that gathered among villagers in the town of edgesof.
While these projects have been promoted as a source for the residents of the region, I find that the domenez feel that the development of the region is basically out of their hands.
Few people raise biofuels crops or invest large sums of money in wind parks, so they have little say in what\'s going on.
The planned meeting was reported in the newspaper afterwards.
Unless they are prepared to invest, or unless their land is affected by various items on the drawings, few are notified or involved.
In other words, citizens of Dobby stand next to the project in which they are promoted to participate.
At the same time, they use the novel technology materials among them to build infrastructure for daily life.
There are the corn ears that the children pull down the corn spike from the test site while walking the dog, adults play hide-and-seek laughter between the bottom of the wind turbine, those women who say they are good
In the metaphor of energy
Emotions break away with unpredictable starts and ends.
Some only lasted for a moment;
Others continue to unfold.
The attitude towards energy conversion appears in unexpected places, related to materials from other eras.
People and things come together in the scene, creating a life through repetition and accumulation of sensory experiences around the village.
In the \"phatic\" 18 moodwork of daily life, seemingly uninterested villagers perform the labor of acitizen\'s perception of political moments and living environment.
The infrastructure they set up provides emotional and social registers through which they learn about the political processes and systems they are involved in.
These emerging forms are more intense than the feeling of verbal expression, forcing analytical patterns to explain the importance, composition and impact of their lives.
Emotional work points out the day-to-day way of living in a political moment, and one day, it may be remembered in a nostalgic tone, such as final consumer goods from previously divided Germany, or after-war hardships.
In the foreground below me, female villagers are excluded from the commercial field of renewable energy projects, as planning decisions are left to a small number of people, at least in public (mostlymale)
Experts and land owners
The situation described below is between secular objects and their relationships, tracking the connections and moments of existence that people form --
Feel it together.
They open up time other than the current moment or the popular historical concept, dig into the way that the new stimulus is extended, or recombine the social form in perception --
Something new.
In each case, the change of zero
Sum lives in an ongoing shift, but is far from certain. PRO-
One autumn morning, Regina and I talked about the house.
Keeping a part of the house in the village is an indication that you know what you should do, even if you have never done it.
The worst thing, she says, is finst purzen, who cleans the window ---
All these women are talking about the best way to clean the windows, but for whom? \' And why?
A few years later, we were all part of the Friday breakfast circle.
In East Frisian, people get together in different homes every week or every month.
These are circlesor Kreise. -
Breakfast circle, walking circle, wine circle and teacircles etc.
The circle itself provides an index for the mutual communication of the circuit, while the repetition of the conference itself provides a measure of the formation of daily life content, living and exploring in the use and perception of objects.
One Friday, our team visited a woman we called Pro. WinTante (
Literally translated as \"aunt\" but bent like the North American word \"lady)
A salesperson sells professional products from home to home
Win clean products such as cosmetics.
In addition to our usual five village mothers and me, another woman in the suburbs of the town also watched the demonstrations with us.
Four women around the table
Including myself)
There are jobs out there, and all of us are taking on the task of being a housewife to some extent.
We\'re sitting in Hannah\'s restaurant.
In the kitchen, while sipping coffee as if in a greenhouse, layering butter, sausage and cucumber slices on Brotchen
Win Lady showed us her merchandise.
The first one is aylesconor, \"can-all\' all-
Hanna\'s purpose cleaner displayed on the tile floor at Eva\'s request.
\"You can put a little bit on the plate and no bugs will bother you when you\'re sitting outdoors in the summer,\" alreadya\'s regulars Maike contributed.
The stainless steel cleaner then appears on Hannah\'s stainless steel oven.
We all feel better.
Eva treated the cabinets with a clean pasteurizer and we squeezed around the cabinets to appreciate our reflection on the surface.
She then waved a toilet brush that looked like a lever and aimed at different areas of the toilet bowl with different bristles.
\"Have you ever seen something like this before?
Eva asked me and begged me to grab its smooth black plastic handle.
The window of Hannah Winter Garden has a window cleaning brush, which is a high cleaning task without this special equipment.
Finally, Eva sent a form, except for Maike (
Who bought something that month)and me (
I also noticed myself that a rented r and student without children).
Regina and Angela went in on the 30 th.
European bottle of elsconor.
The price was too high to pay separately, but Eva showed off the last tune she came to and they were already lucky.
Over the next couple of weeks I got together with tuneRegina and Angela and they planned when to swap on Alleskonner, which reminded me of my grandmother and
When Regina talked about the terrible things about finst purzen, she was also talking about emotional work.
More specifically, she talks about perceiving what is effective, what is effective, what is ineffective, dreams in the country, and at the same time a process of letting knowledge and doing.
Similarly, our cleaning product Carnival is like a postcard from the German 1950 economic miracle theWirtschaftswunder, where the goods provide a promise to live a better life, or scale
Next version of Energiewende, offering better and greener products
Friendly life is in line with capitalist technology science.
The desire to stimulate the breakfast circle does not stem from an injured attachment or a desire to \"adapt\", as it relies on the promise of ayet --to-be-fulfilled life.
Even if an emotion revolves around only one person, moodwork is always subjective and distributed between multiple things.
Emotions are generated by translation that moves through adjacent material spaces, whether virtual or physical.
The breakfast circle shows how people gathered together work together: the preparation and consumption of beats, the crowding around the cabinets, Hannah waving a mop and a bag of esconor\'s laughter, these fifteen Europeans bought you half a bottle of something that was ridiculously expensive, all --
Natural household cleaner.
All of this can be traced back to an infrastructure through which the materials of daily life, born from unfamiliar social, political and economic coupling, are drawn into reality.
All of this is combined in the form of an emotion that spins things into the world.
There is no real emotion, but emotions produce feelings that are real or resonate, such as \"in\" something, which attracts the surrounding senses and produces a world in which people have a stake. The Pro-
Enjoy what levenus said:19)
Immerse yourself in the product and their promise, a fancy parade, measured by a familiar knife scraping over breakfast rolls and teacup on porcelain.
This enjoyment becomes less and less later when actually clearing the window, think about who has cleared it, who has not cleaned his own window, and whether they are looking at your window as well.
Auf kipp Hanna\'s window wall is the latest iteration of the large windows that have dominated residential buildings since the 1950 s.
In ostefriesland, windows tend to be separate, with separate panes and white decorations that distinguish them from thered bricks that make up the front of each house in the village.
Plastic, wrought iron, steel, lead, wood and aluminum that make up the windows tell the story of a nation --
The post-war architecture, the economic miracle, and the regulations that made the public nervous were implemented to ensure continued success.
The oil crisis of the 1970 s, as well as the greening of politics and industry, gave birth to energy-saving laws that required the insulation of Windows to meet the thickness standards to ensure minimum heat leakage.
When the tabloid Bild asks the future Chancellor Angela Merkel what is most relevant to the word \"Germany\", shedichteFenster]
There is no other land to build such a seal and lovely windows.
In this village, like in other parts of Germany, there is a grammar window.
You choose how to open the window by turning the hard white handle, which also allows you to lock the window firmly in a certain position.
Standard windows can be opened in at least two ways: back and forth like a door, or split at the top of auf Kipp when reclining, for cooling and ventilation.
You developed your own program with the material at hand.
For example, during my first summer in El Frid Shuse, she told me to make sure that I open all the windows of the house at least once a day and close them in ten minutes, to prevent element intrusion.
When mold spots appear behind the drawer, her first reaction is that we cannot keep the corridor properly ventilated;
The bureau must have pushed too far against the wall to prevent the air from moving around the wall. (
The plumber finally discovered the source of mold: a leaking pipe inside the wall. )
Elfried\'s belief in ventilation is
The universal purpose of German life.
At one point, a professor of structural design told Die Zeit that fully sealed windows were at risk because they allowed the growth of the mold.
In his view, it is necessary to ventilate frequently in order for fresh air to flow, usually three times a day.
The tighter the window, the more necessary it seems to open them.
Open and close windows to bend the space
Bring the time of historical narrative into the pocket of sensory participation.
Materials that appear at different times-
Energy-saving incentives, wind and rain zones, steel and rubber from successive colonial and industrial periods-
Blend in a daily practice and position its components in a real one.
Such emotional works are horizontal, different in time, but not infinite.
German window buildings usually provide only a few degrees of freedom for day-to-day operations, and the eyes of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers on the street are also similar to the proper windows --
Open the program.
Without enough attention, space for improvisation is limited, but using Windows is still a means for people to expand themselves into a world.
The unfolding of emotional works is always intrinsic to those who have experienced emotional works, they always improvise and transform across multiple forms and non-emotional forms in the translation process.
This is not to say that emotions are powerless.
All the physical constellations provide a certain degree of freedom for their components.
Rather, moodworks itself is a perceptual manufacturing practice that brings a real world to life.
In the wine cellar of Orma, most of the women in the breakfast circle lived in the cottage around the village.
Dobby\'s earliest tract homes gather on the west side of the rising glacier ice aine sand, which separates the Moor from the Marsh West.
They meander along the road between the hillside and the small river, which runs to the low and EMS.
Then it was the 40-year land reclamation project of the last century, which began to operate after the Second World War.
There is more room for expansion as the silt in the sea flows out of the pipes and slides and spills over there and swamps, cracking and breaking into fields 3 metres above sea level.
In addition, the living space has been expanded, and the garage, laundry room and storage room have been built (Abstellraume)
Store their honey.
The house appears in a crazy grid that reorganizes the villagequilt pattern.
When Oma Paxtumdied passed away in 2000, I first discovered the type of Abstellraum and we went to her old house to sort out her stuff.
Wecalled her Oma El Frede Paxtum is located just a few kilometers away from Dobbe because of her mother and her hometown of Paxtumwas.
She has been living in Dobby with El fried, but has to check in at home every week or so, so when she enters the house, it feels more like a home than a warehouse that slowly becomes, pictures and pottery are attached to the cabinet, just like the filling on the old sofa.
We came in the afternoon after her funeral when the Sky bounced under the winter lights.
Every grandson took what they wanted and then we went downstairs to help clean up the old cellar the size of the kitchen.
At the foot of the shaky staircase is a castle.
Several rows of floorsto-
The shelf of the ceiling is deep, its footprint is almost as large as the kitchen upstairs, and a small window outside is crammed into the ceiling to allow the light to enter the inside.
The middle newspaper is arranged on the bookshelf.
1980 under the jars of beets, jams and tomatoes.
Food is piled up and sorted according to season and use.
In the last corner, a pile of potatoes sit behind the wood and dust with some chemical preservative to keep them fresh.
Although they have apparently not been touched for months or years, they have not yet been fully broken down.
\"She lived in World War II,\" her grandson told me as we stared at the food.
\"She wants to be ready if it happens again . \"Hauling the-
The jar upstairs, we built a temporary assembly line, used tools to loosen the lid of the jar with pop-up windows, and poured the contents of the jar into a dirty bucket with debris.
Therefore, Oma\'s life is United for us and dismantled in an unknown life and work.
Each object is part of an invisible moving line between the kitchen and the cellar, and the path that Oma tracks is the way she wraps and holds the fruit, opens the jar at the grocery store, pile them up in the newspaper she cut after reading the newspaper with Opaupstairs.
The labor of daily life is carried out through the jar and the shelf itself, in the preservative that keeps the potato without eyes.
The oddity of Oma\'s life container emptied and reinterpreted Morton\'s environmental concept ,(20)
The form of Ascension condenses in its exposure, in the moment of incredible dissolution, or simply realizing that there may be more to see.
During excavation, a mummy often dissolves when exposed to air.
The moments of exposure tune us into other ways, not the way the recorded history is compiled: the way to live in the contraction of emotion and power to pull ourselves together.
Oma experienced the war and the birth and unity of West Germany Wirtschaftswunder, the German mark.
Her wine cellar tells astory what it means to become more and more Ruddy if not rich-
With the material things that have not been heard in the past few decades, and with the expectations of the material things.
The important thing is a promise, but the threat of alsoa.
The possibility of more gains also suggests more losses.
Successive regimes of colonization and development have articulated new forms of value and loss in any number of disasters.
When Oma and Opa got married, there was no running water in pakeston and the folklore had its own food.
After the war, they built a house with all sorts of things in it, and as the years passed, groceries began to appear from melsewhere, something unheard of a few years ago
AbsteUraum is running aground-
In history, a way of living in such a period
Known as a bastion of economic commitment and the threat of crisis.
When new families are ready for the coming disaster, a political state emerges through new technologies and ways of family life.
Through energy conversion, the type of Abstellraum is redefined, providing new solutions to the old problems of how people think they need to survive, and in turn triggering new
Today, Angela\'s Abstellraum has a digital generator in a yellow plastic housing that provides her home\'s solar panels to every kilowatt of the grid.
The contemporary Abstellraume contains not only the supplies used, but also-in-the-
Make containers for any or all different categories of recyclable items classified by villagers on a daily basis: plastic or aluminum packaging with trademark green spots, recycled glass in town, glass for return of deposit, or old newspapers and newspapers.
The importance of zero
In an unruly world, a harmonious life is reminiscent of order, like the basement of Oma Paxtum, a dam to withstand future flooding.
Taborim\'s material is aligned with a prosthesis used to perceive the world.
Oma Abstellraum of Warma Paxtum ownmood is the work of still life.
At the moment it was dug and destroyed, it was brought into the emotional work of others, sensed from life, and its importance in the story of the way people tell themselves about things.
With the spread of sustainable development, villagers\' feelings have expanded through new materials such as wind turbines and solar panels, and through other smaller materials --
Protective instruments such as cycle boxes and electric light switches.
Use between requirements, suitability, and grid constraints in Dobbe and elsewhere.
Villagers learn to separate garbage: different materials have different bins and collectors won\'t take your stuff if you accidentally put the cans on paper.
They weigh the boxes on the truck to make sure the boxes exceed the weight limit.
Just like the work of a technician or planner, garbage sorting creates and maintains grids through legitimate infrastructure that connects parts of technical science materials.
A similar thing happened to the light switch.
Electricity is cost, so if I turn the light on in a room that is not in use, strangers ask why.
When I trained myself to follow a pattern of letting the son of light and closing, my thoughts inherited in the movement of switching.
Every day life is pulled into a real, engagement arc that says \"who I am, what I have done.
Jenny dirman at GhantalAkerman, Quai du Commerce, 23, 1080, Bruxelles, setin, a city, two countries and four-
It is a hundred kilometers and thirty kilometers from mdobbe.
The nominal character is a widow who supports her teenage son through prostitution in the afternoon.
Dillman lives a comfortable daily life in her apartment, turning on and off each light switch in turn, but when she loses control of reality, she turns on some lights, others
The light is not just a sign of a problem;
To the onlookers, they are wrong, the emotional facts of the future.
The form of switching is exposed to what is real;
With the breakdown of the pattern, she began to look for new ways to perceive the world.
One morning, as I walked into a sunlit corridor towards the stairs, something similar happened to me in Dobby.
When I went up the stairs, I chose not to turn on the light switch on the top of my head because there was plenty of natural light.
But when I approached the first step, the room fell into darkness as if someone had turned the sun off.
I grabbed the stair railing and watched the room light up again, then black, then bright again, remembering for a while that it was a moving shadow of the nearby wind turbine rotor, thrown into my house by the position of the morning light.
It often rains in the morning of East Frisia, which is why at that time, I never noticed the shadows flashing on the windows.
Within thirty minutes, it will disappear, and when the sun rises in the air, the shadow will crawl to the bottom of the turbine.
But at the same time, what should I do with the lights?
Should I turn them on for a few seconds when the room is dark, or should I turn them off for a few seconds when the room is bright?
I came up with a new model to understand the situation where the material of the opponent\'s head and its disturbing and contributing factors were scored: sunlight and shadows, potential erosion clouds, light switches and stairs, and the expectation of good citizens to save electricity.
Instead of turning off the lights, I turned on the lights.
My wandering mind and clenched fingers are working emotionally to regroup the known world to understand the unknown.
They fold in the wood in my hand and the feeling of the stairs under my feet
Half the darkness in the corridor
Remember the mother\'s statement about the lights in my window, the electricity bill, the location of the wind turbine and the possibility of rain.
My neighbor Antje laughed when I told her about it later.
When the shadow is large enough to devour your house, we are creating a strange world, and a strange task is to be a housewife in atime.
When Antjesaid first happened to her, she thought she had a stroke.
Our two cases are unique experiences/experiments to understand and clearly understand the forms that may enter or flow out in the process of perceiving the world and making it.
What happens to the formation of the world in a day-to-day scenario of reinforcement or diffusion?
In the case or exclusion line, in the material-
Disabled symbols and bans;
Start the injury, unexpected side steps and jams?
The term \"world\" not only describes the experience of our perceived environment, but also describes the illuminated areas and forms of being filled or reduced, expanded or flattened by motion, desire, the influence line of people, technology and things.
The world, and the emotional works that perceive and activate them, did not form in the mind until they were lived.
Instead, we recognize and create a world by living it,21)
From adaptation to constant condensation and differences.
It is because we and the world are constantly surrounded by all kinds of debris that we can emerge.
Adding these things together can be a habitual habit or something that makes \"life in us is an order, a universe \". (22)
Our concept of emotional work is inspired by recent work in the humanities and social sciences that forces us to consider the content dimensions of living in the world, like representation in that world
The emotional work we write above, between what may be interpreted as residence and statement ,(23)
As an invisible sense and form, or as a movement and an age, when life is piled up at a constant accumulation moment, ask what arc has lent to the substance.
Even statements, statements, things, and events that have the ability to express themselves as activists in theco
Made in the world (The Promise).
Everything is made up, but it is not real.
Daily life is the plane in which an individual takes place, in which the body is constantly emerging and constantly distinguished or personalized through a variety of different and changing practical relationships. J.
Kevin O\'Regan outlines four qualities of sensory interaction with the environment that can neither be reduced to thought and imagination nor to physical attributes of things: richness (
Ascene finds that you can invent after providing unlimited details),bodiliness (
The movements of the body affect sensory input)
Disobedience (
The world has its own life,
Things move by themselves)
And greed (
Sensory effects are important in addition to their cognition). (24)
Having extraordinary experience means having skills with these qualities, or being skilled and scoring by them.
Reals are the names we give this feeling of being irreconcilable about matter or ideas.
They represent a feeling of energy or energy.
A prism that gathers in the body, things, behaviors, and scenes, and reality occurs in events or gaps, presence, or absence.
The purpose of Reals is not to find special cultural forms, which can then be translated back into ready-made categories marked by identity, ethnicity, class, race, gender or any other sociology.
Rather, it is to find a point of contact between the senses.
It is to assume a necessary accidental name, or to throw an anchor that will inevitably transfer into the riddlingsands.
Through reals, we tend to worlding and enter the weaving that cycles back and forth between form and substance (NewEngland Red).
Emotional work is a way to score through matter, and it is also an expression that extends and is still unfolding in a field.
It reflects the way people and things enter the world, as well as the reality that consists of projects and their failures, connections and differences, lines of action and ideas, and all kinds of things, both literally and visually important.
Mood work is not always writing, but writing is always moodwork.
While intentionally participating in tomood\'s work, the challenge of writing emotions is to constantly tune into the power of things, events, bodies and situations, and their socio-physics.
This is not a matter of simply representing an emotion, but of acknowledging and following the ease of moodwork. The problem of social self spreading and expanding in the unfolding world.
The ethnography of the emotional work draws the ethnography and the audience into the vortex of a real, personal physical movement machine that has not yet fully inferred the subject, object, idea, yet, it is still a kind of coercion and coercion. DOI: 10. 3898/NEWF. 82. 07. 2014 (1. )
Intuitive: historical and emotional events, the history of American literature, 20 (2008): 845-860;
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Derek McCormack, \"transitional thinking: affirmation of experience/experiment \",(
Quoted in text thinking during the transition period), in B.
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