the correct way to clean your bathroom

by:Yilida      2020-06-14
Do you know that the bathroom should be the cleanest room in the house?
But let\'s be honest.
This task is always entrusted to someone, and there are always complaints.
I can feel your pain
But this needs to be done.
Where do you start?
You need the right tools to take care of your bathroom.
When cleaning is required, hold your cleaning supplies with a bucket and put them together.
So you don\'t have to go to them.
All you need is soap detergent, toilet cleaner, bathroom sanitizer, window/glass cleaner, toilet scrub and sponge pad.
Starting with the shower, use a soap Cup and a bathroom disinfectant.
Spray the walls, knobs and curtains with spray, and then spray with warm water;
Clean up the dirt and soap.
Run hot water in the bathtub or shower as it also helps to spray the walls and top of the shower curtain.
The toilet is next.
Spray using a toilet cleaner, spray clockwise, under the toilet lip, while spraying a little extra spray in the middle of the toilet.
Scrub it thoroughly and let it sit down so the toilet can absorb the sanitizing detergent.
Then spray the rest of the toilet with a bathroom cleaner, hitting the seat, underneath the seat, the edge of the toilet, and the hinge where the seat and toilet meet.
Wipe with the water in the sink with your sponge.
It should be fast, no more than 5 minutes.
Rinse your toilet to remove the toilet cleaner and don\'t forget to wipe the bottom of the toilet as dirt and dirt will attach to the toilet.
Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner, wipe with paper towels or even newspapers!
Yes, the paper does not advocate streaking, and the glass or mirror looks clean!
The last thing to worry about is the sink.
If you use a sink in any of these tasks to wipe the water, then this task will be the last one on your bathroom list that seems logical.
Spray the entire sink using a cleaner or spray.
Wipe the sink as the sponge and hot water work. (
If there is a base, including the base)
If the glass cleaner is suitable for you, spray the glass cleaner on the metal fixture to finish.
Wipe the shiny surface of the bathroom fixture.
The rest is mopping the ground.
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