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Staff birthday party


   Nov. 13th, is a special day that all the girls and boys birthday on November here attended a big celebration on Yongnan' party room. Yes! It is a big birthday party on going here! Yongnan is a big family , family member care each other so much. None of us felt cold though on the beginning of the winter, We here, expressed the best wishes to each other, hugged each other, and said thank you to all the member loudly. Also had great fun on playing games, we sang, we danced, we laughed happily, we cherish this happy moment. The most wonderful part would be DIY cakes, we have a good cooperated on team working like usual, 30 minutes later, all the cakes had been made in all kinds of funny shape and wrote with all our best wishes, then all the sweet will be share on the whole Yongnan.

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