homemade boot brush

by:Yilida      2020-06-10
You ask why someone wants to do a boot brush on their own?
Well, they might be expensive if you don\'t go around.
Another reason is that many so-called boot brushes don\'t work very well, such as cute animals with bristles on their backs, or the brushes don\'t touch well throughout the boots or shoes.
I \'ve been looking for cheap brushes for months to get this project done, but it wasn\'t until last week that I found any reasonably priced broom heads or scrub.
I found some cheap scrub brushes at Target that I thought could work perfectly.
So the project cost me $4 in total and threw some scrap. Tools:-
Flat screwdriver
2 Cross screwdriver
Distorted bit-5/321/8\" twist bit-Drill-Circular saw (
Whatever is your favorite tool for cutting plywood, table saw, herringbone saw, clamp saw)Materials-
12x3/4 \"plate head screw-
2 \"construction screws-
4 cheap scrub brushes
6x30 \"3/4 piece\" plywood. (
Or scratch within 3-range4x6\" and 1-6x15\")-
Push the flat blade screwdriver into a slot at the bottom of the brush. -
Pry the brush from the handle
When you pry between the brush and the handle far enough, grab the brush part with one hand and the other grab the handle part and divide the plywood into the following parts with your preferred sawwood type 2
Triangle bracket s2-4x4
4x6 side brush holder 1-
6x15 \"baseAt this, you should dry, install all the parts and see where the brush should be installed.
By choosing the size like me, the brush can almost position itself.
Then take a pencil and mark where the brush should be connected.
I decided that the side brush should be placed at the top of the bottom brush.
Then remove the Side block, bracket and brush and mark the position of the brush at the bottom.
Lean the brush against the plywood and use 5/32 of the drill bit to pass through the brush and plywood.
On the Bushes I use, 4 small alignment holes have been drilled and I have enlarged them.
If you don\'t have any scheduled holes, make sure you drill between the bristles.
The brush is then fixed on plywood using 12 screws.
Tip: drill a hole first, attach the brush to the plywood with a screw, and then drill another hole.
This will make it easier to align the parts.
Using the 1/8 \"bit, I pre-drilled through the brush edge and bracket.
Then I connect the holder to the brush side with 2 \"wood screwsNow, you want to customize your boot brush, your boot size (
Or the size of the boots of the biggest person you know who will use it.
I put both sides so they just touched the boots.
Note that in the picture, the side support actually extends to the edge of the base.
I marked the bracket with a pencil and cut off the excess to facilitate alignment at final assembly. Reverse the assembly and drill 1/8 pilot holes at the bottom of each side block.
Two \"wood screws are then driven to connect the base to the side.
I used 4 screws on each side, 1 bracket and 3 on the side.
There you have a new boot brush.
After I built this boot brush, I inferred that the plywood was not well supported on the outside, so I built the second boot brush with 7/16 of high density polyethylene plastic.
The changes I made were :-
I used 1 \"wooden screw (
Guide hole 3/32)instead of 2\"-
I ended up fighting back against the wooden screws because the plastic started to split when the head went into the plastic.
See the second picture in this step.
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