epa tells oklahoma utilities to clean coal plants

by:Yilida      2020-06-03
NEW YORK (Reuters)-The U. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
Hope OG & E and US power (AEP)
Reduce air pollution from three coal
A power plant in the state of okhara or the conversion of facilities into natural gas.
The Environmental Protection Agency acted because the state\'s plan did not adequately reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Emissions are sufficient to meet the regional smog requirements under the Clean Air Act.
AEP spokesman Stan Watford said, \"We are disappointed that the federal Environmental Protection Agency has not complied with the State Implementation Plan, which has been carefully designed, flexibility is provided for the development of reasonable and cost-effective methods that meet the objectives of environmental rules.
Watford said that AEP has extensive experience in the installation of washers at its eastern coal plant, estimated to cost an estimated $0. 7 billion, and it will take about five years for design and engineers, allow and install the new SO2 scrubber on two units in its northeast plant.
However, EPA only gives utilities three years to add a washer, switch to natural gas or use a combination of these methods.
EPA wants OG & E to clean up 477
517 MW Unit 4-
Mascoji factory and 522-
MW Unit 1, 524-
Unit MW 2 of the faster plant.
US power company will clean up 460
Unit MW 3 and Unit 4 of its Northeast plant.
These devices provide a low enough cost of more than 2 basic load power. 3 million.
The Watford of the AEP can\'t say if the AEP will install the scrubber.
He said that the next step for AEP is to look at the EPA proposal and prepare for an open meeting in the city of orkama on April 13.
Officials from OG & E were not present immediately.
The EPA\'s proposal immediately drew criticism from Senator Jim Inhoff. R-Oklahoma)
Senior Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.
\"State officials. . .
Did the right thing. . .
But it\'s too much for the Obama EPA because it rejected the Thunder
Support their preferred plan to hold Washington officials accountable. . . make fossil-fuel-
\"For consumers, electricity-based costs are higher,\" Inhofe said in a statement . \".
\"Through my leadership in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, I will do my best to work with Thunder officials to protect consumers from EPA attacks on affordable electricity, senator said.
The Environmental Protection Bureau said that the action was due to the state implementation plan in the state of Oaxaca (SIP)
The requirements of the Clean Air Act were not fully met.
The Clean Air Act of 1990 requires states to control emissions that cause smog.
The Environmental Protection Agency said that, in addition to the three coal-fired power plants, all other air pollution sources in the state of ocara will reach the level of control required to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.
This is not the first time the EPA has denied state implementation plans.
On December, the EPA asked PNM Resources to clean up 1,643 of its-
MW San Juan coal plant in New Mexico.
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