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by:Yilida      2020-06-04
How many times do you need to get to the wierd \"corner\" of the motel, while the usual motel toilet brush is not reachable. . .
No matter how you bend and curse it! ?
I have seen the electric Carboy washer online. . .
But this website is not simple. click-order use. . . So I made one!
Create his DIYDS (Do-It-YA-Damn-Self)
Items you need to buy (
The things I received included the carriage bolts and the fromaintenance rod for a total of $4. 85! ! Total)
Or find the following materials around the house :-
1x 18\' x24 \"Fragrant Rice (Chamois)-
1x24 \"5/16 rebar-
Stainless steel parts connection bolts :-
1x3 \"5/16 transport bolts-
2 large washers-
3 small washers
5/16 nut tool :-Shears (
Used the pink wife)-
2 pliers or 1 set of pliers and a pair of clips-
Hole, leather hole, anything that holes-a drive (
Wired or cordless)
I\'m using an electric drill. Why?
I like the constant power provided by A/C tool because I have it: 1)
Fold your shampoo in half so you have a rectangle of 18 \"x 12\" 2)
Cut this in half, and now you should have two 18x12 \"parts that are almost equal. 3)
Put these two pieces together and fold them back so you have 9 \"x 12\" blocks 3)
About, or take out a ruler and cut 4 each. Article 5 \"x 12. 4)
\"X12 \"(1.
5 \"center width)
Small strips and strips used to imitate car wash
The remaining pieces are cut 4 per 3 \"square\" laundry operators)
Expand your strips and pieces, use your punch, and make a hole in the center of each piece (duh)7)
Start your washer head assembly :-a)
Stainless steel carriage bolts-b)
3. Wash-c)
1 stainless steel washing machined)
Cross 4 Fragrant Rice strips and 1 3 \"fragrant rice washing machine-e)
Place 1 stainless steel washer and tighten 1-
5/16 stainless steel bolts as tight as possible-f )
1 stainless steel wash table and 1 3 \"wash table-g)
Jagged stripes with fingersh)
3. Wash-i)
1 stainless steel washer and 2 sets (yes 2)
Stainless steel teel 5/16 \"Bolt, tighten the first one as much as possible, then tighten the second one as much as possible
Start expanding components :-a)
The screw on a coupling leaves.
50 exposed by the rebar\"b)
Twist the second coupling to the remaining coupling. 5\" -c)
Tighten the coupling in the opposite direction using pliers, as tight as possible 9)
Connect the Shammy Carboy head to the outstanding coupling
Adjust the tightening of the head to the extension so it doesn\'t relax-
Congratulate you on your completion!
A few key notes you may want to do/know :-
Remember to let you drill backwards!
This way you will not relax your head while cleaning the car. -
This head assembly is made of stainless steel so that the head can be removed and cleaned in a washing machine or dishwasher so that it is easy to replace if one of your cleaning strips fails-
Depending on the diameter of the opening, you may need to bundle your head in your hand to fit the car boyHave fun!
I plan to make a smaller version so I can clean the beer/wine bottle. . .
The Assembly is the same, just use smaller parts/nuts/bolts, washers, etc.
Send me what you did and I would love to see your version/upgrade! !
Thank you for your attention!
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