bosch drill brush replacement

by:Yilida      2020-06-20
Changing the brush in our drill is just a fact of life.
As the sun rises, craftsmen will also change their brushes in electric drills.
Fortunately, though, the replacement of Bosch drill brushes is much easier than you think.
You can easily complete the brush replacement by following a few simple steps.
The first steps in these steps seem a little self
But we all know that a simple mistake can catch anyone at any time;
I think safety is much better than sorry.
So, start by reading your walkthrough manual.
This is more important than you think.
You will find valuable information in the future related to your brush repair and other repairs.
You also need to make sure that your replacement brush is the exact type built for your particular bit;
No random drill brush will be performed in your model.
Finally, check again if your drill bit is completely detached.
From this point on, you need to find the brush on the drill bit;
They should be behind the tool.
You will have an end cap or brush cover to expose them.
Each is a part of housing (
Usually different colors)
Can be removed without opening-
The whole drill tower is on it.
The end cap will be a dome-
Shape pieces on the back of the drill, the brush cover will be positioned (
Also in the back)
On both sides of the tool.
You need to open it completely if the drill is not available-
Basically, the housing is not more difficult, but the brush may hide a bit.
However, they will be located behind the motor at the end of the tool.
After getting the brushes, you can simply pull them out of the guide sleeve and insert the new brushes into their position.
Be sure to replace the new brush in the exact direction the old brush is removed.
In addition, please make sure that the brush is in full contact with the stator.
If it\'s not simple enough, you\'re done.
I think so.
Reassemble the tool carefully and precisely to make sure everything is OK and rotate the tool quickly to test the function of the drill bit to make sure everything is OK.
If everything is not going well due to some terrible opportunity, make sure that simple mistake doesn\'t catch you and trace your steps back.
If there is no obvious error, please bring the drill bit to the Bosch factory authorized service center for a more comprehensive inspection. And that\'s it;
Remember your manual, always focus, you should support Bosch drill brush replacement at any time.
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