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by:Yilida      2020-06-27
Newell rubbermaid introduces le bermei bathroom washer and THERUBBERMAID clean and dry piston.
Atlanta officials
The products are designed to make the bathroom cleaner easier, faster and hygienic, Basedcompany said.
Steve Pawl said: \"Our research has repeatedly told us that when consumers use the ubbermaid solution at home, they are free to live and focus on what is really important, \"vice presidentof marketing.
\"This insight naturally extends to the bathroom and consumers are constantly looking for simpler and more effective solutions.
Our new rubber bathroom scrubber and clean and dry piston series join the Reveal Microfiber spray mop to extend the way rubber cleaners help consumers achieve a clean and orderly home quickly and effectively.
The Rubbermaid bathroom washer offers four tools, including a washer, a scalable washer, a flexible brush and 2-in-1Scrubber.
There are various switchable pads--
Wash, sponge, bristles and disposable items included-
A cleaning method suitable for consumers.
The rubber clean and dry piston is specially protected with a wet-free nanotechnology coating that forms a shield against water.
The water will immediately bead up and roll down from a clean and dry piston, reducing the spread of bacteria and eliminating water droplets, officials said.
The recommended retail price of the rubber clean and dry piston is $12. 99.
Le Baomei bathroom washing is recommended for retail pricesranging $ Month Day. 99 to $14. 99.
For more information, please visit www.
Newellrubbermaid. com. [
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