are you over polishing your car\'s paint?

by:Yilida      2020-06-24
I have recently read a lot of posts on my forum that are basically from people asking \"what polish should I use ? \" Start.
\"I can\'t help but wonder, how can I best avoid polishing with rough cars together?
I think it\'s time to have a completely different discussion about car polishing.
What I am trying to achieve is to reach the highest level of paint perfection without changing the paint structure of the vehicle.
Once I get there, I want to use the right tools and techniques to keep my paint looking perfect.
When I have a car paint problem, I want to be able to fix it without removing the excessive transparent coating that I need to keep in depthlooking finish.
I\'m an advocate of on-site treatment.
I rarely take grinding and polishing compounds on the whole body panel, or worse, the whole car.
This is not necessary at all.
I see from reading many forum posts that people are buying the first step --2-
3 Products and use all of them because this is what they think is necessary to achieve the best results.
This way of polishing with paint is by no means suitable for car care.
Rule 1: less damage is caused than there is already.
My experience tells me that 95% of paint problems can be solved with very fine polishing, the right tools and the right technology.
So why are so many people willing to take the first step and find a harsh compound. . .
When should the last means be?
Very good car polishing, usually called pre-
The wax cleaner can be used to keep the gloss from thinning your car paint. The polishing (Enhanced gloss)
Action is a combination of chemical cleaning agents to remove embedded dirt and ultra-mild polishing agents to maintain gloss.
The polishing material is about the consistency of the body powder.
My two favorite products are Klasse All-In-
1 and P21S paint cleaning lotion.
There are many others.
Rule 2: Do not remove a clearer finish than necessary. . .
You may need it one day!
In the car detail circle we are all talking about gloss, depth and clarity, however, every time you grind and polish the paint, will you stop and think about what you might do with these final finish features?
You may see more gloss, but it comes at the expense of depth and even paint finish clarity.
Most professional car buffers are designed for rotating buffers by experienced technicians.
When you use your hands or double-
Action car possiher, you put scratches on the paint surface that don\'t show up by using the next polishing on the production line.
So, what is the solution?
There is no doubt that the transparent coating on the paint surface of modern cars creates the aesthetic feeling of the paint surface.
In order to maintain a good look, clearcoat must remain clean and finely polished.
Heavy polishing reduces finish and depth.
This must be avoided.
It should be noted that the appropriate paint surface (
Primer, clear color)is only 6-8 thousandths (6/1000)
Inch thickRemoving 1-
In a few seconds, with the method of grinding and polishing, a transparent finish of a few inches per thousand will be generated.
My business partner got a 3-
His new Lexus SC\'s clear coat has inch-long scratches on it.
I used a point pad and a corrected polish to pull out most of the scratches so it can pass the 5 feet test. He said \". . .
But I can still see the scratches. up. . .
\"I explained that if I removed more material, it would be possible for us to dilute the transparent coating and make a small piece of paint that no longer matches the remaining finish.
Sometimes enough is enough.
The real skill of car details is to learn how to read paint and know what the end result is when you use the product.
Rule 3: In fact, know what tasks the product you are using is intended to perform.
You use Poland to be designed for a month in an assembly line by technicians-
The inch dot pad on pneumatic polishing can remove 2400 traces of sanding?
If so, what is the equivalent liner specification, rotation speed and polishing time for removing the 5000 sand equivalent vortex mark?
Did you use the refin machine panel mixing compound originally designed to use wool pads as a general purpose cutting compound to cut and mix fresh paint?
If so, can your foam cutting pad effectively generate enough heat on your DA to break down the abrasive to prevent paint from washing?
In fact, grinding and polishing systems are rarely designed from the ground to the DA polishing system.
Few people bother to match the \"universal\" polishing correctly with the correct instructions for polishing pads and creating systems.
I reiterate once again that buyers should be careful.
All grinding and polishing have cutting particles of different properties.
The size, shape and hardness of the abrasive are different.
When polishing, some particles are designed to be smaller and finer grinding agents.
Others are designed to cut continuously at the same speed.
Car paint care without wear most new car finishes can be properly maintained without the use of grinding agents (corrective)polishes.
Intelligent paint care is required to do so, including regular cleaning and waxing, using appropriate cleaning and waxing tools (
Wash gloves, applicator, towels, etc. )
Careful parking.
Avoiding damage is the best way to maintain a perfect finish.
There is nothing to stir the paint faster than bad wash gloves or dry towels.
If you park your car away from soccer moms and shopping carts and wash your car with the right tools, you can keep the surface free of minor damage for a long time.
When your paint does get damaged, this can be handled locally by hand or with a point pad that corrects Poland.
One way to solve this problem is to use the \"cover-up\" products.
Many automotive wax products can be layered to help cover minor surface contamination.
My favorite combination is Klasse All-In-
Followed by P21S Brazilian wax.
Others swear on the Zaino Show Car polish system (Z-2, Z-5 and others).
For the appropriate long time, I provide the following tips
New and similar terms paint finish
New car: these five simple steps can make your car look great without the need to use a lot of compounds to take corrective action.
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