Yongnan Mission
Continuously improve the overall quality of employees and create maximum value for customers
Yongnan Vision
To be the world's Yongnan
Yongnan spirit
unity, hard work, advance with the times
Operating principles
people-oriented, the pursuit of the future
Control criteria
system management, process management
Business purposes
to strengthen the enterprise, to expand the industry, social responsibility
Business philosophy
scientific development, innovative management, focus on learning, unity and hard work, leading quality, international brands
Employing the concept
choose the right person, use the good person, tolerate the person, train the person, trust the person, retain the person
The concept of being a man
a healthy body, a good attitude, a good deed, a courtesy, honesty, sensibility, rationality, learning, innovation, and advancing with the times
The concept of doing things:
clear goals, overcome difficulties, do things thoroughly
Management philosophy
taking thinking management as the guide, targeting management as the target, human-based management as the basis, both rigid and soft, and breaking through innovation
Civilian product

2009/ 03

changed name

In March 2009, Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. changed its name to Yongnan Electronics Co., Ltd.

2008/ 02

Awarded two awards

 February 2008 Awarded two awards: “Marketing Innovation Award” and “Marketing Elite Award” in China's lighting manufacturing industry

2006/ 10

moved to a new factory

In October 2006, the company moved to a new factory. The factory covers an area of ​​30 acres and the building area is 22,000 square meters.

2005/ 04

“Guangdong Quality Technology Center”

In April 2005, the company was rated as “Quality Famous Enterprise” by “Guangdong Quality Technology Center”.

2003/ 09

develop overseas international market

September 2003 Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. began to develop overseas international market.

2003/ 05

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant was held

May 2003 The groundbreaking ceremony for the new plant was held and it is expected to be relocated in 2006.

2000/ 12

Once a red powder, Qin fell Hikaru pepsi.

December 2000 The company applied for up to 11 patents on the appearance and technology of various flashlights.

2000/ 08

developed the first ultra-strong light flashlight

In August 2000, the company developed the first ultra-strong light flashlight, which was highly recognized by the market.

1999/ 11

advanced private enterprise

In November 1999, Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. was named as an advanced private enterprise in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

1997/ 03

added product emergency lights and flashlights

In March 1997, Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. added product emergency lights and flashlights.

1996/ 11

applied for multiple trademarks

In November 1996, the company applied for multiple trademarks such as “依利达” and “YILIDA”.

1996/ 05

Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. was established

In May 1996, Yilida Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.


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