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A nice night



     Last week , our company hold a game called Funny Sport Game.There are Six team (8 people a team) participated in seven activities.Including the Tear of the name card, three-legged race ,  kangaroo- jump race.

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      First round , overseas department got the highest score. Running with the ping-pang was demanded the player run fast and keep the ping-pang on the board . kangaroo –jump was very exciting , some player jumped very high ,very fast.  


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news-A nice night-Yilida -img


     The most wonderful race was Tear of the name card,a girl from overseas department , and a boy from the workshop, thought how to tear the name card on each other’s back. All cheered in chorus.

     Finally ,the boy win the game and got the second third place, overseas department got the third ,and the champion is research & invention department.

     “The feel of finishing the tasks with my team menbers is so great.” a girl said.

  “A team is so important ,someone win the parts of the activities ,just someone win, everyone try their best to finished every part is most important. Is the only way to success.” A boy from the champion team said.


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All in all ,everyone enjoyed the game , everyone can win the prize.That was a nice night.


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